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Scarlet Johannson

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I’m from Texas, and I would love to do an old-fashioned gun-slinging Western.

I’m from Texas, and I would love to do an old-fashioned gun-slinging Western.

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Make Me Choose
geek-girl-2016 asked: Destiel or Ten/Rose

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'The Fault In Our Stars' New Scenes

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“The truth." Dumbledore sighed. "It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great caution.” 

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I’m Back? 

Hello all! 

Now that summer is officially upon us, I decided it was a good time to return to tumblr. That’s really all I have to say. I’m excited to be back!


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i’m leaving 

just thought i should let you know that i am leaving tumblr for now. i don’t know when i’m coming back. i’m just sick of the internet at this point. i need to start living in the real world instead of escaping by running to my laptop every time i feel too weak to take on the world. thanks to everyone who was my friend over the past couple of years. i’m not deleting, because i can’t bear to, but the blog has been replaced by a lovely picture of the eiffel tower. all i ask is that if anybody reads this, get off the computer. please get off for just 30 minutes or something. read a book. take a jog. make yourself a drink. call a friend. do that bit of homework that is causing you so much stress. just do something to make your day worthwhile. that is all. until next time! 



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blog sitter please? 

hullo all! i’m leaving tumblr for a while to deal with some personal issues. i was wondering if anyone would like to blogsit for me? please leave me a message if you’re interested. :)

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